Join us at Devotions Dance Company and witness the transformative power of dance. Watch your child develop confidence, discipline, and a deep appreciation for the arts. Let us be the place where their dreams take flight, where they discover their inner strength and passion. Together, we will embark on a journey of growth, learning, and endless possibilities. Enroll Today!

Class Information

Ballet/Tap Combo

Welcome to Ballet/Tap Combo, the perfect dance class for your little ones aged 3 to 4! & 5 to 6. This 45-minute class is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of dance and movement.
In this class, your child will have the opportunity to learn both ballet and tap dancing, two classic styles that will help them develop their coordination, balance, and rhythm. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors will guide your child through a fun-filled class that is designed to help them learn and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment.
Ballet will help your child develop their posture, strength, and flexibility, while tap dancing will enhance their coordination, musicality, and creativity. Combining both styles in one class will provide your child with a well-rounded dance education that will serve as a strong foundation for their future dance training.

Tu-2 Cute

Welcome to Tu-2 Cute, a ballet and movement class designed especially for two-year-olds! In this 30-minute class, your child will be introduced to the fundamentals of ballet and movement in a fun and exciting way.

Why Ballet and Movement? Not only does dance provide a fun and creative outlet for young children, but it also has numerous benefits for their physical and mental development. Ballet helps to improve coordination, balance, and flexibility, while also strengthening muscles and bones. Movement activities promote body awareness, spatial awareness, and motor planning skills, all essential for your child’s growth and development.

In our Tu-2 Cute class, your child will learn basic ballet positions, movements, and terminology through playful games and activities. We’ll also incorporate movement and music to develop rhythm and timing skills. With our upbeat and energetic approach, your child will be smiling and laughing throughout the entire class!

Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping your child grow and develop through the joy of dance. We can’t wait to welcome your little one to Tu-2 Cute, where they will have a blast exploring the world of ballet and movement


Welcome to Devotions Dance Company’s Lyrical class, where poetry meets movement and emotions take center stage! Lyrical dance is a captivating fusion of ballet, contemporary, and expressive storytelling.

In our Lyrical class, dancers will embark on a beautiful journey of self-expression and artistry. Through fluid and graceful movements, they will learn to interpret music and lyrics, transforming them into captivating and heartfelt performances. Our experienced instructors will guide students in mastering techniques that blend technique, emotion, and storytelling.

Hip Hop

Welcome to our Hip Hop class at Devotions Dance Company! This class is designed for young dancers aged 7 to 10 years who are interested in learning the fundamentals of hip hop dance.

Hip hop dance is a high-energy and dynamic dance style that incorporates various urban dance movements and techniques. Through this class, your child will learn the basic hip hop moves such as popping, locking, and breaking, as well as how to combine them to create fun and exciting routines.

But hip hop dance is more than just a fun way to move to music. It has numerous benefits for your child’s development. Firstly, hip hop dance improves coordination and flexibility, which can enhance overall physical health. It also promotes creativity and self-expression, as dancers are encouraged to bring their own style and personality to their movements.

In addition, hip hop dance teaches discipline and focus, as dancers must memorize and execute choreography with precision. It also builds self-confidence, as dancers gain the ability to perform in front of an audience and express themselves through movement.

Our beginner hip hop class is taught by experienced and enthusiastic instructors who are passionate about sharing their love for hip hop dance with young dancers. We prioritize creating a safe and supportive environment where students can learn and grow while having fun.

Join us at Devotions Dance Company for an exciting and engaging hip hop dance experience that will not only improve your child’s physical health, but also promote creativity, discipline, and self-confidence. Let’s dance!

Pom Dance

Welcome to Devotions Dance Company’s Pom Dance class! This high-energy class is perfect for dancers who love to move and groove to the beat.

Pom Dance is a unique style of dance that combines sharp, clean arm movements, precise formations, jumps, and skills with elements of jazz and hip-hop. It is a popular form of dance often seen in cheerleading and dance team performances.

In this class, students will learn the foundational skills and techniques of Pom Dance, including sharp arm movements, intricate footwork, and dynamic jumps. They will also work on developing strength, flexibility, and endurance, which are essential for executing the fast-paced choreography of Pom Dance.

But Pom Dance isn’t just about flashy moves and high-energy performances. It also offers many benefits for dancers of all ages and skill levels. By taking this class, students will:
-Improve their cardiovascular fitness and overall physical health
-Develop coordination, balance, and spatial awareness
-Build confidence and self-esteem through performance opportunities
-Enhance their musicality and rhythm
-Learn teamwork and collaboration skills through group performances and formations.

At Devotions Dance Company, we believe that dance is a powerful tool for self-expression, creativity, and personal growth. Our experienced instructors work with each student to help them develop their skills, achieve their goals, and have fun in the process.

So if you’re ready to dance your heart out and learn the exciting and dynamic style of Pom Dance, come join us at Devotions Dance Company!


Welcome to Devotions Dance Company’s Jazz class! Get ready to groove, express yourself, and unleash your inner rhythm. Jazz dance is an exciting and energetic style that combines elements of traditional jazz, contemporary dance, and popular music.

In our Jazz class, your child will learn a variety of dynamic movements, including kicks, turns, jumps, and isolations. They will develop a strong foundation in technique, coordination, and musicality while exploring different styles of jazz, from Broadway to commercial jazz.


Welcome to Devotions Dance Company’s Acrobatics class, where the worlds of dance and acrobatics collide to create an awe-inspiring blend of strength, flexibility, and grace! Our class is led by a certified instructor through AcrobaticArts, ensuring top-notch training and safety for every dancer.

Acrobatics is a unique and thrilling discipline that combines traditional dance techniques with acrobatic elements such as tumbling, contortion, and partner lifts. In this class, dancers will learn how to seamlessly incorporate breathtaking tricks, balances, and dynamic movements into their dance routines.

Adding Acrobatics to a dancer’s repertoire is a game-changer! It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing dancers to showcase their athleticism and push the boundaries of their physical capabilities. Acrobatics enhances a dancer’s overall strength, flexibility, and body control, enabling them to execute technically demanding moves with precision and grace.

But Acrobatics is more than just impressive tricks; it also cultivates essential skills that benefit dancers in all styles. By training in Acrobatics, dancers develop core stability, spatial awareness, and a heightened sense of balance. These skills enhance their performance in other dance genres, allowing them to execute challenging movements with increased control and confidence.

At Devotions Dance Company, we believe in providing a well-rounded dance education, and Acrobatics is a vital component of that. Our Acrobatics class is designed to inspire and empower dancers to reach new heights, both literally and figuratively. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer looking to expand your skills or a beginner eager to embrace the thrill of acrobatics, this class will push your boundaries and unlock your full potential.

Join us for our Acrobatics class at Devotions Dance Company and experience the exhilaration of defying gravity while discovering newfound strength, flexibility, and artistry. Let’s flip, soar, and dance with confidence as we embark on an unforgettable acrobatic journey together.

Boys Ninja Training

Welcome to Boys Ninja Training, a thrilling class specifically designed for boys aged 6 and up at Devotions Dance Company. In this action-packed program, boys will embark on an exciting journey to learn acrobatics and tumbling skills, channeling their inner strength and agility.

During each session, our experienced instructors will guide students through a series of dynamic exercises, teaching fundamental acrobatic techniques and fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth and skill development. Boys Ninja Training focuses on building strength, flexibility, coordination, and spatial awareness, empowering participants to achieve impressive acrobatic feats.

Through carefully crafted lessons, students will learn essential tumbling maneuvers, such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and flips, in a safe and controlled environment. They will also explore various acrobatic elements, including jumps, balances, and aerial skills, all while honing their focus, discipline, and determination.

Boys Ninja Training offers a unique opportunity for boys to embrace their athleticism, challenge themselves, and express their creativity in a class tailored to their specific interests and energy. By fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants, boys will forge lasting friendships, as they motivate and inspire each other to push their boundaries and achieve their personal best.

Whether your child dreams of becoming a nimble ninja or simply wishes to enhance their physical abilities, Boys Ninja Training at Devotions Dance Company is the perfect class to embark on an exciting acrobatic journey. Join us today and let your boy unleash his inner ninja!

Please note: Prior dance experience is not required to enroll in Boys Ninja Training.

Pointe/Pre Pointe

Welcome to Devotions Dance Company’s Ballet Pointe and Pre-Pointe class! This class is designed for ballet students who have a few years of basic ballet training under their belt and are ready to take the next step in their ballet journey.

In this class, students will focus on building the fundamental skills required for safe and successful pointe work. Pre-pointe students will work on developing strength and flexibility in their feet and ankles, while learning proper alignment and technique.

Pointe students will continue to build on these skills, while learning how to properly fit and care for their pointe shoes. They will also work on building the strength and control necessary to execute pointe work with grace and ease.

At Devotions Dance Company, we understand the importance of proper training and preparation when it comes to pointe work. Our experienced instructors work closely with each student to ensure that they are ready for the demands of pointe work and are practicing safely and effectively.
Students must be enrolled in a regular ballet class and approved by their teacher to take this class. They must also be a minimum of 10 years old, as pointe work requires a certain level of physical maturity and development.

By taking this class, students will not only develop the skills required for pointe work, but also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of ballet as an art form. They will also learn the importance of patience, dedication, and hard work when it comes to achieving their goals.

So if you’re ready to take your ballet training to the next level and explore the beautiful art of pointe work, come join us for an exciting and rewarding journey at Devotions Dance Company’s Ballet Pointe and Pre-Pointe class


Welcome to Devotions Dance Company’s Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Ballet class for ages 7-10! This class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of classical ballet technique in a fun and upbeat environment.

In this class, students will learn basic ballet vocabulary and positions, develop coordination, balance, and flexibility, and build strength and endurance. Students will also have the opportunity to express themselves through movement and creativity, while developing discipline and focus.

Ballet is a beautiful and versatile art form that offers numerous benefits to its practitioners. It can help improve posture, alignment, and overall body awareness, while also enhancing grace, poise, and confidence. Ballet training can also provide a strong foundation for other dance styles, as well as other physical activities and sports.

At Devotions Dance Company, we believe that ballet is not only a fun and rewarding activity, but also a valuable tool for personal growth and development. We strive to create a positive and supportive learning environment that encourages each student to reach their full potential and discover their own unique talents and abilities.

So come join us for an exciting and enriching journey into the world of ballet!


Welcome to Devotions Dance, where rhythm and musicality take center stage! Join us in our exciting tap dance class and discover the joy of creating music with your feet.

In our upbeat tap class, we emphasize the importance of developing musicality and rhythm through the art of tap dancing. Tap dance is a unique form of expression that combines percussive footwork with intricate movements, allowing dancers to become both performers and musicians.

Gridiron Grace

Unleash Your Inner Champion with Gridiron Grace!
Are you a young football player with a burning desire to conquer the field
and the stage? Look no further than “Gridiron Grace: Ballet for Champions,”
a groundbreaking class exclusively at Devotions Dance Company!
Led by the incredible Mr. Karl, a former football player who gracefully
pirouetted his way into the world of dance, this class is the ultimate
fusion of power and poise. Designed to empower boys who seek to channel
their inner athlete while embracing the art of ballet, Gridiron Grace is
where strength meets elegance.

What to Expect:
Expert Guidance: Mr. Karl brings his firsthand experience as a football
player and accomplished dancer to create a one-of-a-kind learning journey.

Dynamic Movements: Discover the synergy between football’s agility and
ballet’s fluidity. Develop core strength, flexibility, and coordination
that will elevate your performance in both

Gridiron Grace offers a safe, judgment-free zone where boys can thrive and
express themselves authentically.

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