At Devotions Dance Company, our motto is “Committed to character. Devoted to excellence.” DDC is a studio where parents will be confident in knowing their child will not be indoctrinated by anything negative, but rather be inspired to be the best version of self in and out of class. We keep a strong focus on modesty, positive attitudes, and attention to detail.

At Devotions Dance Company, staff and students alike, will know they are valued.

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Our Classes

Pom Dance

Pom Dance is a unique style of dance that combines sharp, clean arm movements, precise formations, jumps, and skills with elements of jazz and hip-hop.

Ballet/Tap Combo

In this class, your child will have the opportunity to learn both ballet and tap dancing, two classic styles that will help them develop their coordination, balance, and rhythm.

Adult Hip Hop

In our Adult Hip Hop class, we create a fun and inclusive environment where adults of all backgrounds and skill levels can come together and experience the thrill of hip hop.


In our Jazz class, your child will learn a variety of dynamic movements, including kicks, turns, jumps, and isolations.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is a high-energy and dynamic dance style that incorporates various urban dance movements and techniques.

Tu-2 Cute

In our Tu-2 Cute class, your child will learn basic ballet positions, movements, and terminology through playful games and activities.

Pointe and Pre-Pointe

In this class, students will focus on building the fundamental skills required for safe and successful pointe work.


Ballet is a beautiful and versatile art form that offers numerous benefits to its practitioners.


In our Lyrical class, dancers will embark on a beautiful journey of self-expression and artistry.


Stretch&Flex is essential for dancers to increase their flexibility, allowing them to achieve deeper and more graceful movements.


In our upbeat tap class, we emphasize the importance of developing musicality and rhythm through the art of tap dancing.


In this class, dancers will learn how to seamlessly incorporate breathtaking tricks, balances, and dynamic movements into their dance routines.

Boys Ninja training

Welcome to Boys Ninja Training, a thrilling class specifically designed for boys aged 6 and up at Devotions Dance Company. In this action-packed program, boys will embark on an exciting journey to learn acrobatics and tumbling skills, channeling their inner strength and agility.

Gridiron Grace

Unleash Your Inner Champion with Gridiron Grace! Are you a young football player with a burning desire to conquer the field and the stage? Look no further than "Gridiron Grace: Ballet for Champions," a groundbreaking class exclusively at Devotions Dance Company! Led by the incredible Mr. Karl, a former football player who gracefully pirouetted his way into the world of dance, this class is the ultimate fusion of power and poise. Designed to empower boys who seek to channel their inner athlete while embracing the art of ballet, Gridiron Grace is where strength meets elegance.

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